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As all writing projects vary in size and type, a separate quote specific to your project needs will be provided after the initial consultation. Rates are subject to change and are contingent upon the entire scope of the project. Hourly and per word/page pricing is available; however, as my service is unique in its personalized involvement and availability, package pricing is preferred and recommended in order for you to receive the highest value possible. Contact me today for a free consultation and quote.


Initial Consultation (FREE)
Up to one hour. Meet in person or over the phone to discuss in depth the scope of your project and estimate an action plan should you choose to continue with my services.


Individual Consulting Sessions

Brainstorming, planning sessions, developing writing skills, tutoring. Minimum one hour per session. Sessions may occur in person (recommended), via email/online chat, or over the phone. All coaching sessions will be agreed upon and scheduled ahead of time.



Blog posts, professional memos, company statements, letters, etc.



Convert audio and physical copy to digital files.

Month-to-Month Consulting and Coaching Support (3-month minimum)

Email or call me with any questions you have regarding your project. I will read discussed sections as you write them and provide feedback (receive an initial response within 24 hours, written or verbal feedback within 1-3 days). This is an excellent option for first-time or inexperienced writers who are developing or revising a manuscript and would like to receive support and feedback as they work through the process. This is also a great option for students who would like additional support with tutoring outside of regularly scheduled sessions.


Includes two formal individual coaching sessions a month in addition to services described here.


Basic Copyediting

This service is appropriate for manuscripts, web copy, and other projects that require attention to basic writing mechanics. I will work through the entire text, correcting errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as minor errors in syntax and word choice. I will note potential permissions issues, flagging instances in the manuscript where permission from an outside source may be required.


This level of editing is not appropriate for projects that require greater attention to sentence structure, organization and content.


Substantive Copyediting

Some projects require a higher level of editorial attention than basic copyediting provides. In addition to correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar, I will make specific recommendations to clarify meaning, promote consistency, and smooth the flow of the text.


This level of copyediting is an appropriate choice for projects of greater complexity or when minor fact checking may be required.


Premium Copyediting

This service is recommended for projects that need extensive structural and organizational work at the word, sentence and paragraph levels. In addition to addressing mechanics, I will make recommendations to improve the project’s overall composition and strengthen technical elements in the writing.


This service is an ideal choice for nonnative English speakers and novice authors.

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