Corey Lee Lewis, PhD


Mind Body Mastery Coaching


Owner, Chief Instructor

Sun Yi's Academy


"Although I am a published author and professional editor, I frequently hire Betsy Padilla for a variety of writing and editing jobs, and refer her frequently to my friends and colleagues. As a writer myself, Betsy's sharp editorial eye, prompt turn around time, and knack for working with my voice are all extremely valuable. And, as the owner of two different businesses, I have hired her to do everything from write enticing advertising copy, to informative newsletter articles and outreach that really captured the flavor of our companies. If what you are trying to communicate matters, then you need to have the professional and creative writing and editing support of Betsy Padilla."

James Adam Taylor

Photographer, Founder

James Adam Taylor Photography

Paul "Yashi" Lubitz



Holly Yashi, Inc.

"Betsy has been an invaluable resource to our company as we move forward with brand development projects and redesigning our website. She has been instrumental in cultivating our company voice and suggesting ways we can maximize the effectiveness of our online copy content. We are receiving positive feedback on our ad copy for the first time ever, and our retailers and sales reps have been impressed by the professionalism of our product information literature. In a deadline-driven environment like ours, I especially appreciate Betsy's willingness to go the extra mile in a crunch to get the job done and done well! "

"Betsy Padilla has been helping me with basic editing for my photography blog. As a photographer I often find it important to accompany my images with writing to better tell the story. Through Betsy's editing my writing has become more polished and professional. Having a second set of eyes helps to catch simple spelling and grammatical mistakes, but Betsy's professional assistance has helped me to improve my writing skills beyond catching simple mistakes. Betsy has helped me to improve my writing style and to better use the mechanics of writing to more effectively convey stories and information to a broader audience. "

Travis Holter


The Friendly GM

"Betsy is totally awesome! She helped me edit and revise my first book, The Friendly GM. She knew exactly what to do and how a reader thinks. Without her help completing my book would not have been possible. I am very grateful that I had Betsy as a resource. The best thing you can do is just hire her."

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